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Alec Henderson Band

With all the easily accessible recording and mixing technology available today in the music industry there has been a tend to overproduce and make the sound almost unrealistic.  Unfortunately, there have been less and less actual live albums with a band just putting it out there and recording it as is.  This is a way to listen that I always can appreciate, especially when I can’t get out to as many shows as I would like anymore.  This is why a smile came to my face when I was offered the Alec Henderson Band live record to take a listen to.    

The project is an acoustic duo hailing from Greensburg, Pennsylvania.  The sound of the Alec Henderson Band is rooted in the singer/songwriter genre but has the energy of vintage rock and roll and the earnestness of folk and blues music.  The group claims major influence from the likes of John Lennon, Billy Joel, and John Mayer.  It is obvious that they focus on the craft of writing complete songs that are catchy as they are melodic.

Alec Henderson Band Welcomes You To Your Own Private Concert

The new album by The Alec Henderson Band, Fly Away, was recorded live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in March of 2016.  The 10 track record creates the feel of being right there in the front row of their live performance.  The opening title track “Fly Away” sets the tone with a bouncy guitar and drum melody that shows true beauty is songwriting.  “Break Down Your Wall” brings in some country style writing with fancy guitar licks punctuated by lyrics to bring you into the story being shared.  The acoustic guitar fills most of the sonic space on “There’s A Fountain” with a more folk feel that shows off some real skills with the instrument.  The rock and roll comes back on “Figure Eight” as the vocals are sung with raw emotion and passion over a catchy little riff that creeps its way deep into your brain.  Toes will be tapping uncontrollably before long.  The album closes with the mellow vibe of “Someday This Bird Will Fly”.  This one sounds as if the band is playing it just for you.  The boys welcome you to be a part of their little piece of the world.  

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