Ambe Amazing Talent Leads To Sultry Record


Many of us look back at our childhood and wish we had started music lessons earlier or worked harder at a young age.  There are positives to all that but our recent find Ambe could tell a different story.  Luckily she was able to use these skills later in a way that better fits her personality.

The supremely talented artist was born in a small village in Russia.  Ambe discovered a love for the violin and piano at the age of 4.  She progressed rapidly, perhaps unfortunately so. At the age of 6, she was uprooted from her family to be trained as a musical prodigy in Ukraine.  This came with good and bad.   After a life of classical conservatories and academies, as well as international contests in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Denmark, Ambe decided she wanted more.

Bags were packed and she took the leap with a one-way ticket to America to pursue her dream. Ambe hit the city hard, performing at as many New York City clubs and cafes she could.  This gave her much more than the technical skills she had learned in the Ukraine.  She was expanding her musical experience and experimentation.  

The big break came when Ambe was noticed by Avant-Electro producer Brian Forbes. There was an instant connection, and they immediately began working together on fresh music.  Her sound is often associated with futuristic, multitalented artists like Bjork, Imogen Heap, and FKA Twigs, though with a strong voice that is her own unique experience.

The latest album by Ambe is Enemy Of The People.  The 8 track record is a journey into a new world of music that she is ready to welcome everyone into.  



The opener “IDCNM (I Don’t Care No More)” sets the stage with ethereal sounds blanketing the speakers while Ambe’s vocal style breathes sensuality.  We are taken to a darker side on “Ache”.  The song blends sweet and meandering verses with a dance-beat chorus that explodes with energy.  

The vibe stay dark on “Little Grain” but with an almost folk sound mixed in with the electronic sound of the soundscape.  The song will draw your ear close to the speakers as you hang on every lyric.  The journey takes another turn with “Of Your Crimes”.  The melody is scattered and interesting as the vocal delivery melts your shell and allows Ambe deep into your soul.

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