Amy and the Calamities Release ‘The Suspects’

Amy and The Calamities

If you’ve been lucky enough to see Amy and The Calamities perform live, then you will understand the talent that this songstress possesses. The solo artist Amy Wawn added the name The Calamities after an open mic night included some comedic mishaps and a few other interesting moments.

“You cannot plan the mistakes or practice them,” said Wawn, “but rather you can become the kind of person who, without intending it, is a source of marvelous accidents.”

Wawn is a multi-instrumentalist who can play the piano and violin but her love lies with the guitar. Since 2015 she has been performing her six-string friend with her own sound that ranges from blues to folk. Her live shows have been gaining nothing but great reviews for her captivating delta blues style slide guitar and stunning vocals.

Now, with the release of her debut EP The Suspects, the world can get a true taste of what her music has to offer.

“Bless” starts off the EP which instantly grabs your attention with its wonderful Americana soundtrack. The way Wawn on the guitar and Georgina Leach on violin blend together is mesmerizing. The instrumental outro really shows off how well they work together. This winning partnership continues during the song “Dream,” which offers more of a gentle flowing sound. This gives the listener the opportunity to hear some great lyrics delivered and vocals.

“No Advice” features the use of a soft guitar and violin to let the storyteller take the spotlight. The equally delicate vocals make you stop and pay attention. The pace picks up with a personal highlight “I’m Looking at the Door”.

Wawn always delivers a great sound but there is something special when she shares her bluesier side. The slide guitar at the start sets the tone to perfection and gets you stomping along to its beat. The vocals have a lot more attitude than previously heard, as they strut around to mirror the lyrical content.

Things slow back down with the song “Brother,” a personal message to her sibling. It is delivered with a delicate tone that flows from beginning to end. “Now that I know This” concludes the EP which brings together many of the elements that make Amy and the Calamities stand out. With great guitar skills, superb vocals and lyrics, it will leave you wanting more.

Amy and the Calamities are a Rare Gem of True Talent

The Suspects perfectly showcases a musician who has a lot to offer. With an impressive range of sound, a lyrical depth and sublime vocals, all the right boxes are ticked. If that is not enough, then Wawn’s talents on the guitar will win you over.

This collection of songs will be appearing on a lot of peoples end of year lists due to the calibre of songwriting that is on display. See if you agree by giving her a listen either on Spotify or Soundcloud. If you want to purchase this release then you can do so from iTunes, Amazon or from her store (click HERE).

To find out more about this talented singer-songwriter then head over to From here you can also find information about upcoming shows and links to her social media sites. If you like what you hear, then don’t forget to help spread the word TODAY!

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