Andy J Williams

We attract talented artists from all over the world here at Indie Band Guru.  Lately we have been gaining a lot of popularity in the United Kingdom.  It might be time to take a trip there because the quality of music we have been receiving is extraordinary.  The latest submission is from Andy J Williams.

Andy J Williams

Even though they go with a proper name, the band is a full 5-piece rock band.  They are currently touring the UK to promote their new album Into The Great Unknown.  The idea of the album is to capture a snapshot of modern life. Media, Religion, Love, Fear, Hope, Politics … all embodied in soaring guitar soundscapes, intimate funky baselines, catchy hooks and thought provoking lyrics.

Andy J Williams has hit the mark with their impressive video for the first single off the album, ‘Rule Britannia’.  Definitely a video that has great music and provokes thought throughout.  The subtitle for the song is “Britain Going Through A Midlife Crisis?’

Enjoy it below:

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