Swami Lushbeard


Music can be much more than just sound transferred to awaiting ears.  When there is a meaning behind the music that a group puts together it can become much bigger than itself.  Sometimes a band of talented musicians will have the same ideals in more than just music and great ideas can be hatched.  This seems to be the situation with the fabulously named Swami Lushbeard.

Swami Lushbeard

The Los Angeles based 4-piece combine elements of classic rock with the diverse musical and geographic background of each of its members.  Swami Lushbeard brings instrumentation not heard together much in today’s musical landscape.  When you put together band members Don Sprouls (Philadelphia) on guitar and vocals, Danny Kopel (Los Angeles) on keys and accordion, Andre Howie (Virginia) on bass, and Ian Michaels (Chicago) on drums the mash up of styles creates something much bigger than the sum of its parts.  This is a group of people ready to express their thoughts and make art.

The latest release by Swami Lushbeard is the 3-song EP A Burning Desire.  The concept is about letting out the thoughts burning inside and being unafraid of the world and its consequences.  The band says the record “takes a journey to the desert of the truth, the whole truth and nothing even remotely close to the truth.”  The opening track ‘Stay Lost’ has that LA grime feel as it builds and builds.  The musicianship is phenomenal especially the guitar and drum work throughout the song.  On mellow and thought provoking ‘My Best Thinking’ the group slows it down slightly to let the listener enter into the bands mindset.  This reviewer’s favorite track has to be the unique ‘The Bottom’.  Beginning with an accordion and spooky sound it sucks you in and then turns to a 70’s style slick vocal play.  Again the band members show off their skill with their instruments in creating something that can be truly appreciated throughout each part of the almost schizophrenic song.  Great listening.

Go enter the world of Swami Lushbeard at: http://swamilushbeard.com You will not be disappointed.

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