Some musicians seem to live much more mature than the count of their years.  The fact of life of being a working artist is having experiences and making tough decisions about your life long career way before a college student even decides where he is going to get his fake ID made.  When a musician takes himself seriously this can lead to a full and satisfying life.  A good example could be Paul Koudouris.

Paul Koudouris

The San Antonio, Texas native is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter.  He decided early in life that a career in music would be his lifelong dream.  Paul studied music and theatre at Point Park Universities Conservatory Program and Regents College London earning his BA in Musical Theatre. He is no longer under structured education but continues to learn about music everyday as he strives for his goal.  His sound is influenced by many musical styles such as classical, pop, rock, rap, soul, electronica and countless others.  His aim is to use everything he hears and turn it into his own personal style.

Earlier this year Paul Koudouris released his debut album Twenty-Something.  The 10-track record bounces all over the musical spectrum and shows that Paul can be successful in whatever style he chooses.  Paul combines well written melodies and heartfelt lyrics to relate to every listener.  This has been a tremendous year as well as he has been a featured artist at Sundance Film Festival 2013 and South By Southwest Music Festival 2013.  Songs such as ‘Get Busy Living’ and ‘Final Fantasy’ show a playful songwriting skill that welcomes in the listener to Paul’s music with open arms and a perky warm heart.  On ‘Better Off With The Blues’ he displays a phenomenal soulful voice that makes even a blues song sound kind of happy.  He also writes a fantastic radio ready pop song in ‘Better Happy Ending’.  The use of soaring vocals and interesting instrumentals put this artist well on his way to mainstream success.  Go jump on the bandwagon now at and remember that you heard him here first.

Enjoy ‘Better Happy Ending’ Here:


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