We love what we do here at Indie Band Guru exposing the hard working artists of the underground.  When a musician shows true promise we try to keep up with them and make sure they are staying on the right track.  We have even more reasons to check up on our friend Andy Oliver.

Andy Oliver

The folk singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom only first really turned to music about 5 years ago after coming to the realization that he had a problem with alcohol and needed an escape.  Andy Oliver is bold enough to write from experience and share his struggles with the world through his songs.  This noble cause makes the music even more meaningful.

A new single was just released by Andy Oliver entitled “Running Out Of Time”.  The growth is evident immediately and instead of past hardship it now leans toward hope and how far he has come.  The acoustic guitar melody enchants as the vocals bring the listener into a warm cozy place that just feels safe.  Success is coming for this talented songwriter.

Keep up with more from Andy Oliver at: http://www.andyoliver.co.uk/

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