Exotic music will always find a place.  There are potential fans everywhere always searching for something different against the mainstream radio that seems to play the same songs over and over again.  We had brought Sienna to you last year but they are back with a new single for your ear buds.

sienna why

The group is a japanese-Norwegian trio that brings music together that is both modern and ancient at the same time.  There are such varied influences as Electronica and House to Norwegian Jazz and Traditional Japanese.  Mixed together it creates a type of organic warmth that seems to wash over the soul of the listener.  Sienna has been getting in front of larger and larger crowds as well including The Great Escape Festival in the UK, Scandinavia’s Sommeroya Elektronika Festival and Berlin´s newest festival Jazz Boulevard Steglitz in addition to tours in Italy and in the UK.

Next week Sienna is set to release a new single to the world entitled “I Know Why”.  The track is a blend of electronic pop, jazz and ‘Gagaku’ – a type of traditional music from Kyoto, Japan.  The song has an acid jazz feel that is perfect for just relaxing and letting the elements wash over you.  The vocals go back and forth between male and female voices taking you in different directions.  Then an impressive guitar solo turns the song once again.  We recommend you get a listen at: http://www.sienna-web.com/

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