Rock and roll music has gone through many offshoots and variations through the years.  This is why it stands out when an artist keeps a straight up rock feel while still being different and innovative.  Raw rock and roll to its core is the ceedo that our latest find Robert Marlow seems to go for.

The Scottish rocker fuses his rock sound with elements of metal, punk, and garage to create an energetic in your face explosion.  Nothing is held back and the skittish need to leave the room when Robert comes out to command the stage.

Robert Marlow

A great example is his latest collection Mad, Bad and Dangerous – Live at the Barrowland.  The 19 track record is an all out assault on a crowd that is there to eat it all up.  Right from the grooving opener “Sweet Smell Of Sex” you know you are in for something raw and powerful.  Robert Marlow stays on point with no holds barred tracks like “I’m Gonna Eat Your Pussy” “A Little In And Out” and “Blaise Moi”.  The guitars grind ahead and the bass grooves to make each song a toe tapping good time.  The funk really comes out on “Getting High With You”.  I can see the women of the crowd getting moister with each song.

We had a chance to catch up with Robert Marlow and hear his side of the story.  Enjoy the interview here:

Your sound brings in a lot of influences into one. How would you describe it?

I am influenced by the bands and artists that embody what we think of when we think of the icons of Rock music and the people who made an impact. The Stones, AC/DC, Bowie, Sex Pistols and some James Brown funk. I know what I felt when I first heard rock music. I was blown away by the audacity, raw emotion and sex appeal that it had.

There has been a few alt-electro bands from Scotland crossover to worldwide success over the past few years. What is the scene like over there now?

Yes Scotland has produced some great musicians and music over the years. The godfathers of the Scottish alt electro bands is “Simple Minds” a great band who paved the way for Chvrches. The scene in Glasgow is thriving with loads of clubs and people starting new bands all the time.

You say you write about what you know, How have you survived so long with all that debauchery, lol?

Lots of penicillin, condoms, a good lawyer and since I am Scottish a kilt for easy access.

Your videos seem to get a lot of attention with the visuals you use, has that translated into more fans?

It’s the old saying “sex sells” and it does. I have gotten a much bigger audience due to the videos. Plus I do believe I would rather watch a sexy girl half naked or naked in music videos than the musician. I guess I have seen too many music videos where the artist is trying to be clever or entertaining and they usually disappoint. So for now I will stick with my formula.

On your album “Live At The Barrowland” the audience sure seems to be coming along for the ride. How does that energize you on stage?

Playing gigs are for me about getting into a zone where you are completely in the moment, nothing else matters, just the music and the interaction with the audience. The more energy the crowd gives the more you have to give back to the audience and hopefully fund will be had by all.

You seem to be really picking up steam, what is next for Robert Marlow?

I am working on a new album that will be ready for Christmas. Santa will be coming down your chimney to deliver it.

Looking forward to it.  Keep up with the energy that is Robert Marlow at:

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