Another simple two-piece band has caught our ear.  Mississippi Jones is a music duo from Seattle, WA. Mississippi, plays keys and sings, while J@$ (just say J) produces,programs and plays all the other instruments.  Together they put out quite a full sound.  They recently released their debut record entitled Unreleased.

Mississippi Jones

While listening to the Unreleased album by Mississippi Jones, the hair on my arms stood up a little. I just loved the rhythm of the music and the female voice just blows me away. The song “Prynne” seems to have the perfect balance of rhythm and beat, you can still hear the beautiful quality of the voice.  On the other hand “Love in the Possessive” has a more punk rock beat to it that draws in that punk feeling, I love how this album has its melody moments and its rock moments, you can’t find that in a lot of albums these days. Another song that got me on my feet was the song “Dangerous”.  As I was exploring this album even more I came across the song “Judgment Day”, at the beginning I thought “oh this is different” but then it came to the electric guitar solo and her singing “bang, bang” I loved it, its totally different.  Another song that took me by storm was “Like Lighting”, just the beat, her voice, everything about that song just made me freeze, what more can I say?  Everything about this album made me freeze, I love it and would totally recommend it to anybody.

If you want real music that sounds amazing head on over to  and listen to there whole album, I’ve listened to all the songs multiple times and would suggest them to everyone. Whats so good is how different the music is, its the right balance of harmony and pure musicality put together.

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