Angie Bruyere – Finding Her Sound

Angie Bruyere

We all have lives that are full of experiences.  This is what makes life interesting.  A songwriter can take these life experiences and use them as inspiration to write songs that pour from their heart and relate with listeners.  Our recent find Angie Bruyere and her group Angie and The Deserters are a good example of this.

It all started in Potsdam, a small town in upstate New York.  This is where Angie Bruyere spent her childhood running through the backwoods and roaming the train tracks, living the simple life that inspires imagination.  This could have been enough for some great songs but then Angie moved to Southern California and began a modeling career that took her around the world to earn an abundance of experiences that would find their way into her music.  

Angie Bruyere Found The Sound Calling To Her

Early musical influence from such bands as Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones set up the base, but it wasn’t until she discovered her deep  love for artists such as Gram Parsons and Willie Nelson that her Outlaw Country, Americana rock style was born.  

In 2014, Angie Bruyere released the album West Of The Night.  Soon after the album’s release, Fender highlighted her as Artist of The Month and brought her in to re-record two singles in their Fender Sessions Live Jams.  This gave her the exposure she needed to really make a dent in the growing genre.



Now Angie Bruyere and The Deserters are back with a brand new single “Country Radio” off the upcoming EP Blood Like Wine.  The song grabs you right away with its quick and catchy melody that works its way deep into your soul.  The vocals, full of rasp and roughness, make her a force to be reckoned with.  There is raw emotion spewing through the lyrics as we try to figure out which Country Music star she is aiming her passions at.  

Keep an eye and an ear out for more by Angie Bruyere HERE.

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