Sweet Cambodia Unleashes Their “Anxiety” in New Single

Sweet Cambodia

As someone who’s never ventured into funk rock before, I was a little apprehensive with no idea what to expect, but Sweet Cambodia was a sweet surprise. Funk rockers Sweet Cambodia gives us a little something different. From their self-described “crazy stage presence” to their booming energy, this Florida-based band serves up the perfect amount of funk and edge behind impassioned sound.

Their latest single “Anxiety” proves that, and more. This track off their forthcoming album Tasty showcases not only the band’s artistry — but also their honesty.

Sweet Cambodia Keeps it Honest

With an energizing opening riff and lyrics like “Just one more sip / Like the Titanic / I am a sinking ship,” “Anxiety” immediately puts us inside Sweet Cambodia’s head.

The band says, “This song is about all those nights that your parents can’t fix for you. That you have to ultimately face your mistakes.” But there’s also this whole other element. They talk about the anxiety in knowing you fell a little short and can’t fix it.

In between confessions of a crazy, messy night we get this telling chorus: “Be honest with yourself / Because no matter how tall you are you’ll never reach the top shelf / I got all of this anxiety / Pent up living deep down inside of me.”

Their lyrics are bitey and honest, and they work so well against their instruments. It all works pretty perfectly together, each member showcases their talents in the best way. Sweet Cambodia is being honest and realizing their mistakes, but in the most positive way possible. They create this incredible mix of prog and funk, packaged in indie band boy personas. It’s one of a kind and extremely memorable.

It’s also clear that the band’s having fun with it. Even while coming to terms with consequences, there’s a fun-loving aspect. It comes through in the energized backing and a rioting outro. There’s never a moment where they don’t sound into it.

On top of this, Sweet Cambodia plays music that’s incredibly infectious. They lead with such coolness it’s hard to not want to listen. Seriously, Sweet Cambodia exudes the confidence other bands wish they had.The whole band exudes confidence.

That’s key. It’s something we didn’t really expect, and it’s impossible to ignore.

Be sure to check out other cuts from Anxiety, and more from Sweet Cambodia.

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