Anna Claire Loftis Soothes With ‘Motion Sick’

Anna Claire Loftis

There has been a big movement in the pop music industry over the last few years towards authenticity. More artists are willing to share their real life, warts and all, with their listeners. This has created a true bond with the fans that extends far beyond music. A great example of this is our recent discovery Anna Claire Loftis.

Growing up in Montgomery, Alabama as part of the Southern Baptist Church, the singer-songwriter had the inspiration to sing from a young age. A born performer. The polished, glassy surface of religion was not for Anna Claire Loftis though. She wanted to put out the person that she truly was and strip away the falsified reality that had been all too common. Nashville, Tennessee came calling and Anna Claire made the leap.

The latest single by Anna Claire Loftis is the refreshing “Motion Sick” which was released today, December 6th. The atmospheric pop song provides plenty of emotion for the listener to become part of the journey. According to Anna Claire the song is inspired by a true event where she was with her family traveling to Portland, Oregon and took a wrong turn ending up near the bottom of a cliff. Looking up after making her way out of the car she watched an eagle soar overhead. True beauty in a moment of pure fear and exhaustion. 

The vocals of Anna Claire Loftis have a sense of airiness that floats into your ears effortlessly. There is a peace that seems to surround you. This a power that few artists have. Keep an ear and eye out for more from her on her WEBSITE or INSTAGRAM.

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