Stereo Jane Soars With Off-The-Wall Single “Holy Hell”

Stereo Jane

There is no rapport like siblings connecting on a deep level than with music. This is truly the case with Stereo Jane that features sisters Sydney and Mia Schmier on vocals and drums, respectively. Together, the duo fuses pop melodies with a classic rock ‘n’ roll flavor.

Sydney’s vocals are reminiscent of Paramour’s Hayley Williams and places her at the forefront of Stereo Jane. Altogether, they produce off-the-wall melodic hooks, hard-hitting riffs and a bright upbeat sound that makes them contenders in today’s Top 40 radio fare.

Stereo Jane is unleashing their latest single, entitled, “Holy Hell.” The track starts off to some soaring synths. Right away the vocals are big, provocative and alluring. The singing has a sultry simmering vibe in the backdrop. The combined vocal harmonies are equally dynamic. The music is also dramatic as well as giving off a bluesy pulse.

With powerful vocal range that elicits a powerful performance, a great happening pop rock feel pervades. A coalescing of electric guitar, bass and drums in the background, the sound is overall catchy with heavy riffs.

With a jumping cadence, Stereo Jane produces great harmonies and rhythms with bouncy beats. “Holy Hell” is an electric pop rock single that is definitely repeat worthy. Be sure you have a listen today!

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