There are certain types of music that are so much better to hear live than through a pair of headphones.  Sometimes you have to just be immersed within a crowd of like minds to fully appreciate the sound.  One of these genres is obviously house music.  Feeling sweaty people dancing next to you truly enhances the full body experience of the music.  There is so much good music in this style that goes unnoticed.  I was able to get my hands on an album teaser from the upcoming collaboration of Antonio Giacca and JJ Flores that is sure to be noticed.

Having established themselves as stars in the scene has enabled them some privileges.  Antonio owns his own label, allowing him to never release a track unless it is absolutely perfected with his signature sound.  For Antonio, crafting music isn’t just cranking out club sounds that people dance to on weekends; it is taking them to another level, a musical high.

Here is an album preview documentary that they released to promote the new album:


Bottom line: Antonio Giacca and JJ Flores are planning a tour together as soon as the album is released.  I plan on getting my ass to a club to witness this live.  I suggest you do the same.

To hear more now go to:

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