Another genre with a ton of offshoots is hip-hop.  Granted there are the followers that jump on every bandwagon that comes along trying to squeeze a piece of the pie for themself before the ride is over.  That isn’t for Indie Band Guru.  We appreciate the frontrunners that break new ground and create their own style no matter if it gets them fame or not.  One such artist we found today is Jaebone.

The Jaebone childhood story is similar to many rappers that used their tough past to inspire and force them to become what they are today.  He was born in a small town and adopted at birth but that didn’t turn him into the bad kid.  Quite the opposite, he did well in school, even having some of his early writing published before he finished high school.  He moved to Arizona to get away from bad influences and ended up with a scholarship to Arizona State University.  After a year though, he decided school wasn’t for him and he dropped out.  Living the party lifestyle and hustling for a living took its toll on Jaebone and he needed another escape.  Luckily he found it when he started writing raps to release his angst and frustration.  Then it all clicked and he realized the music was his true calling.

Luckily for us, this lifestyle changed worked out and we were given Jaebone’s debut album, Who Am I, last month.  You can tell right away that this is no standard rap album.  There are influences all over the musical map, from the old school smoothness of ‘P.R.W. 2012’ to the rock rap style of ‘Let It Burn’.  Most impressive though may be the artistic style of Jaebone’s music video for ‘Alien Entity’.  Quality rapping with visuals that will warp your mind.  I can’t describe it any better than to just let you watch it:

Bottom line:  If you are into hearing something new in your rap music, you must give Jaebone a listen.  His web presence is very entertaining as well.  Check him out at:


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