Apollo Monroe Is About To Blow Up With “soda pop”

Apollo Monroe

Welcome to the jungle, where all the crunchy synths, and distorted 808’s warble in the speakers blasting an infectious uptempo EDM pop artist melody, and rhythm that leaves your ears ringing with the words “soda pop.” What an entrance for Dublin-based singer/songwriter Apollo Malone showcasing his explosive debut single, “soda pop.

This hyperpop anthem combines elements of dance-pop, trap, EDM, and bubblegum bass distributed by HyperPop Records. And we are here for it. 

Soda Pop has an incredibly powerful way of combining lyrics: “Barbie and Ken..”, “Play me like Atari,” to “Got a product that you want to buy…,” which leads you further into the jungle.

With the use of Trap and EDM production rises and sharp turns, Apollo Malone has created a sonically stunning debut single. In a typical EDM song you’ll find an Intro, Breakdown, Buildup and a Drop. What I love about this song is the distinctive breakdown and buildup before each turn making sure the listener is really enjoying the sonic journey. Truly a smash hit, I can totally see this song captivating EDM lovers all over the world. 

About the track, Monroe says, “On the surface, the song presents a sexually suggestive narrative using sugary metaphors to push the aspiration to be used, consumed, and discarded afterward. But it’s actually a narrative on how the public and the industry consume pop artistry. It is both a parody of and a love story to the industry, drawing comparisons between a highly manufactured, mass-produced, sugary substance like soda pop and pop artists. Yet ironically, still an industry I love and aspire to be part of.”

Monroe solely wrote the song, and co-produced it with artist/producer Viscose.
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-review by Mary Knoblock

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