Arda & The Stolen Moon Complete Songwriter Success Story

Arda & The Stolen Moon

The art of songwriting is not something that just happens overnight.  It takes hard work and a lot of time.  A successful songwriter must be willing to put in this time and practice.  Keep writing and writing.  Our recent discovery Arda & The Stolen Moon is proof that this hard work pays off.

Arda G. is a soulful singer-songwriter with the drive and passion to reach her goals.  She has been pouring her heart into writing soulful songs for some time now.  As Arda began her career she performed solo and just got out there and put in the work.  As her songwriting developed she was able to accommodate more musicians around her bringing her personal vision to a higher place.  The Stolen Moon is the vehicle that showcases these talents.

This determination has led to hooking up with a great production team led by Robert Camassa to record and release the album Minutes Into Years.  The 10 track record by Arda & The Stolen Moon puts it all together for an emotional collection of soul searching songs.  The opener “Who Am I Kidding” starts off with Arda’s soft spoken voice but then turns into quite the energy filled rocker showing off the range of the skilled songwriter.  The lead single “Dear Lover” truly reaches into the listener’s heart with a soulful vocal style over some pretty piano melodies that draw you in.  



There seems to be some angst in “Never Again”.  Even with Arda’s soft spoken voice the pain and anger can be felt as the piano accompaniment drops in and out.  This is beautiful production knowing when to let each piece of a song have its own time as the feature.  The genre lines are blended on “Crazy Bridge” as influences of Country, folk, pop, and rock creep in to form a complete song.  There are few limits to what Arda & The Stolen Moon can do together.  

The impressive guitar of “Parallel Universe” creates an almost experimental sound.  There are noises coming in from all angles here from handclaps to rimshots to random crowd noise.  This is how a professional production team can take songwriting to a higher level to form something that can appeal to any lover of music.  The closer “Bad Things” ties the album together with a song that has power, energy, and raw emotion.  Sweet, soulful and original.

Keep an eye and ear on Arda & The Stolen Moon HERE.

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