Billy Stark Stone & Rico Blythe Warp Minds

Billy Stark Stone

One of the best parts of being an independent artist is the ability to be yourself.  Make music to please yourself with nobody telling you what you should and should not do.  This freedom has created some of the best experimental songs ever written.  Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe have been blazing their own path for years.

The duo from New York City took very different roads to where they are but the similarities are what drew them together.  Billy Stark Stone was a kid from Connecticut in the 1970’s that could not get enough of the NYC scene.  He was drawn to the punk music being made and the lifestyle of the founders of that music scene.  Rico Blythe was born in Panama and dove head first into the guitar in his early teen years.  He too was drawn to NYC for the music scene and all the city had to offer.

What started as a casual acquaintance between two members of the underground music scene developed into a strong friendship of 2 like minded people. Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe teamed up with some other scenesters to create music together as a re-imagined version of the punk band Blessed.  Life moved forward through and the friends drifted apart.  This gave them a chance to pick up even more varied experience for the inevitable comeback.

After a social media re-connection, the band Billy Stark Stone and Rico Blythe was born to pool their journeys together.  This is the perfect vehicle for them to continue doing what they love best, making music.

Prepare yourself for Billy Stark Stone and Ric Blythe

The most recent single from the group is called “Revolution Rerun”.  The experimental punk track takes them to the future of sound.  The psychedelic guitar tone strumming along will open your mind as the lyrics of Billy Stark Stone warp what is left of it.  The exotic sounds pave the way for what the duo can do with their friendship and decades of musical experience.  

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