Armonite Helps Us Look At ‘The Stars Above’


How amazing is music? There is an infinite number of ways to create sounds that can enter our ears and then our souls. The world has opened up fully to different genres and different instrumentation. Expand past the mainstream and you will find gems. One such gem is our recent discovery Armonite.


The innovative rock band hails from Pavia, Italy. The team of Composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi have put together a powerful sound by replacing the standard guitar with electric violin. Although both men are classically trained musicians, the Armonite sound is far from classic. It leans heavily towards the progressive rock genre. Influences can be heard from such diverse artists as the Beatles and Dream Theater.


It has been 3 years but Armonite is back with a new album And The Stars Above released on May 25, 2018, through Cleopatra Records. The 14 track record is a full sonic experience. Right from the opener “The March Of The Stars” the professionalism and expert technique is very evident. The multitude of instrumentation comes together very well.


The electric violin truly shines on “District Red” as it takes its charge of the energy-filled track. There is both beauty and electricity flowing throughout. Speaking of beauty, “Clouds Collide” continues that trend. This is one of the few songs on the record with vocals and the female singer truly delivers.



The most critically acclaimed song by Armonite to date is “Blue Curaçao.” It was awarded an Honorable Mention both in the Instrumental and Performance categories at the International Songwriting Competition 2017. The fast-paced violin keeps up with the flashy drum beat keeping the listener’s attention throughout the song. Never really knowing where it will go but waiting patiently for the next movement.


The tone is slowed down on “Freaks” as well as adding a little spookiness to the record. A whistle creeps through along with the minor keys creating dark imagery, in my mind at least. The violin and piano strike an even darker pose. Very interesting track.


The energy is vamped back up on “What’s The Rush” as dueling melodies cascade against each other with raw rock abandon. Your heart will automatically start beating faster. We are brought back down a notch with “Ghosts.” Some more creepiness ensues here at the beginning but of course, we get the Armonite switch into a fully progressive sound that goes in every direction.


There is much more about Armonite on their WEBSITE. Dive in.

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