Ash Riser Releases His West-Coast-Summer-Love-Anthem, “Moon Cry”

Ash Riser

Think soul meets hip hop, add some rap, and you have the newest single of Ash Riser: “Moon Cry.”

Riser’s jazzy vocals and Mike G.’s and Papo’s rap verse’s create “Moon Cry” into a contemporary meeting of genres. “Moon Cry” is the second single released from Riser’s upcoming EP, “Ghosts.” It’s a tune about the struggle of love and dating, and it comes straight from the hearts of a few buddy’s hanging out late at night. Riser, Mike G., and Papo are three friends and fellow emerging artists living life in L.A. The three friends created this song with the help of producer Jawa one night during a house party.



“Moon Cry” is a track created from real life experiences. It is complete with a steady beat and catchy tune that will reel you in, and a variety of sounds that will keep your attention.

Although each part of the song is cleverly unique, the track as a whole flows surprisingly well. To briefly sum it up, “Moon Cry” features modern-sounding rappers, but the background music sounds like something out of a video game and Ash Riser’s voice sounds like a smooth jazz singer who typically sings with brass instruments belting out in the background.

Riser and co. doesn’t take all the credit for the interestingly unique and addicting tune, though. He highly praises the track’s producer, Jawa. Riser faced a few unforeseen bumps in the road, such as his computers being stolen and his hard drives being unexpectedly wiped clean, but Jawa turned his bedroom-created tune into a professional, legitimate track.

“Moon Cry” is different than any other track Riser has released in the past. With the collaboration of the three artists, plus the producer, each piece of the track reflects the style and personality of each friend. Riser himself has a long past of creating music and exploring multiple genres that have all formed his creative ideas behind “Moon Cry.”

Towards the beginning of his music career, Riser was a part of the rock group P!stol, P!stol. After they broke up, he eventually went down the dubstep path when it was first becoming really popular in America. He then tried out hip hop, and even collaborated with Kendrick Lamar. After his best friend passed away, Riser found himself again turning to rock and roll. Both “Moon Cry” and the album “Ghosts” have been created out of his past experiences and all the roads Riser took to get where he is today.

“This was such a fun song to make. This is my west coast summer love anthem,” – Ash Riser.


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