Trash and Glamour
  • New York-based Bad Mary new album Trash and Glamour out on May 16. Get it HERE

 With Bad Mary it’s all about unapologetic guitar riffs, pounding drums, powerful vocals, and melodic and insightful lyrics with a twist. “With this EP we really wanted to get back to thrashy/trashy rock and roll. In a way we’re back at our roots with simple and fun songs and hit the ground running right away. After a concept album and two cover EPs we felt the need to strip things down a little and get punchy again. We think we were able to achieve this and we’re really proud of these new songs,” shares vocalist Amanda Mac.

See the Bad Mary video for “Are You With The Band?”

“In a way Trash & Glamour is a small celebration of everything we’ve done. We’ve got some straight-up blistery, punky tunes “like Are You With The Band?” and “Light It Up” but also fun and weird songs that really embrace our personality like, “The Floor Is Lava”. We’re never afraid to be ourselves and T&G really shows that. It’s All Trash and we mean that with all the love,” says bassist Mike Staub.

Alternating between punk, pop, and spicy rock n’ roll Bad Mary released their first album, Better Days in 2013 and followed it up with three fast and loud EPs, Killing Dinosaurs (2016), We Could Have Saved the World (2016), and Glitter Bomb (2017). In 2019 came The Return of Space Girl, a 33-minute punk rock space opera, followed by an award-winning animated movie of the album.  They started 2022 with the release of Rock and Roll Classics Vol. 6 where the band puts their take on songs that span from 1967 to 2007. Followed by a string of original song and video releases and Rock and Roll Classics Vol. 7 where the band jumps genres bringing everything from punk. to classic rock, to disco all with a Bad Mary twist.

Later this year they will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of their first album Better Days with the release of re-recorded and remixed versions of the songs, the EP Better(er) Days will be out in the fall. 

You can catch their weekly live stream on Twitch on Tuesday nights at 8 pm EST –

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