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Crows Approach Punk with Silver Tongues in Debut LP

Home to a countless number of legendary musicians both past and present, the United Kingdom has long been an influential frontrunner on the hardcore music scene. The emergence of punk rock in the ‘70s is perhaps one of the most notable genres embraced by the UK. Rapidly becoming a cultural movement of its own, the

Johnny & the Bootlegs Create a Blues-Punk Hit

In a blend of blues rock and punk, Johnny & the Bootlegs released their new single “Thrift Shop.” The track is the second single from their upcoming EP, NYC Rags. The band is based out of NYC and focus their attitude and sound around the crawling night life of New York. The single itself refers to

Thunderpussy Releases Their Epic Theme Song

Thunderpussy is high energy and in your face, and they’re giving it all they have in their new self-titled track. It comes ahead of their debut full-length album, the highly anticipated Thunderpussy.    What better way to get things rolling than with an unapologetically bold and exciting anthem for a single?   Thunderpussy comes from Seattle,