Pinkshift Unleash Their ‘Saccharine’ EP Onto The World


Pinkshift surprised everyone when they released their new single “Mars”. Not only did they set loose their latest track, but Ashrita Kumar (vocals), Paul Vallejo (guitar), Myron Houngbedji (drums) and Erich Weinroth (bass) unleashed their Saccharine EP onto the world. Most made up by their previous releases, which received great reviews. 

Saccharine gets the punk rock party started with the new single “Mars”. It kicks in softer than expected, but they turn the volume up and let the fun times roll. Kumar lets her voice rip with the opening lines, “To whom should I pay my respects / For broken dreams nonetheless / You’ll light a cigarette or two / To watch my lungs turn black and blue”. It is a great song to show what Pinkshift has to offer as a group.  They have said, “this was the song that really pulled us together to start this band. It’s full of optimism and hope for a brighter future”. 

As much as the opening track was about how the band sounds, “On Thin Ice” let the vocals take centre stage. Kumar’s voice has an attitude and delivers each word with purpose. It’s clear to hear from the opening lines, “She watches closely / For every move you make / And every breath you take / And every bone you break”. It lets the listener pay more attention to the lyrics and the story they are telling. Lyrically it showcases a depth with their words and how they continuously paint the scene for each verse. Confirming Pinkshift is more than just noise.

Next up is their anthem track, “I’m gonna tell my therapist on you”. As soon as it begins, Houngbedji grabs the listeners attention with his furious drumming. Not long after, the song explodes into life with the lines, “Walk a mile in my shoes / And if you don’t come back”. The energy this song gives off is infectious, fun and makes you want to jump around. What more do you need? The band feel as if they have been set loose and want to create as much musical carnage as possible. 

As for Kumar, her voice equally matches the relentless barrage of energy the band is giving off. Most of all, during the hook, “Hello, can I help you? / I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before / And if you think that I should listen to you / I’m about to kick your ass through the door”. Her delivery helps give the song its anthemic feel and will make the listener sing out loud. It’s a track that will blow the roof off when performed live. 

Press play on Saccharine, turn it up and let Pinkshift bring the party to you!

“Toro” offers something a little different and lasts only 90 seconds. Heavily soaked in a punk rock mood, the band let loose as soon it begins. However, the midway point is where we see a change. It slows down for them to deliver a soft psychedelic rock vibe. As much Vallejo guitar work has been outstanding throughout Saccharine, he is in exceptional form during this moment.  It offers a different side from Pinkshift, but one which still fits them. 

“Toro” effortlessly flows into the final track, “Rainwalk”. It is a song about constantly having to guess what someone else is thinking. After its slow build-up, it bursts into life to offer another pop-punk sing-along moment. Like those before, it shows off the band’s chemistry. They are so in sync as they bounce off each other to create an energy and sound that is difficult to resist. As this release comes to a close, it leaves you wanting more. This is a result of the quality of music produced by Pinkshift. Give Saccharine a listen today, you will not regret it. 

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