Rian Mac Is Still ‘Overthinking’

Rian Mac

Musicians and in fact everyone in the music industry must always be networking and growing their connections and collaborators. This is the only way to grow and expand your sound. Gaining additional influences and inspirations will always make us better. Our friend Rian Mac has proven this with the growth of his independent label and his own music as well, including his newest single “Overthinking.”

Originally coming from Ireland with only the clothes on his back and $20 in his pocket, Rian Mac poured himself into the music scene to build a community within his Rian Music label. Now based in Oakland, California, Rian Mac continues to bring together talented musicians as well as sharing his own unique sound. At the start of 2021, Indie Band Guru covered his single “The Negative Brings Me Down” as a hope for recovery after a tough pandemic filled year. 

‘Overthinging’ With Rian Mac

Now Rian Mac is back with a new track “Overthinking.” It is an alt-pop-rock track that highlights the unique yet captivating sound of the group. The musicianship pulls together multiple styles to create a product that grabs the listener’s attention. The guitar stylings of Irish legend Steve Leahy lead the way with a bluesy style full of elegant fills. The vocals of Rian Mac sway along with his unique delivery to put a story to the music. As the big chorus hits, we all can sing along and become part of something bigger. This one demands some repeat listens.

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