Basement Revolver

Canadian band Basement Revolver’s new self titled EP Basement Revolver boasts lyrics of reflection and honesty about a young person’s entrance to reality. Basement Revolver boasts a more ethereal vibe than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but, if you’re a fan of them, Basement Revolver should be downloaded to your playlist. This is a perfect record for relaxing after having a hard day, because Basement Revolver lets you know everyone else has those moments. They call their style introspective rock and most of the album sounds like a live band playing in your speakers.

Words are just words

Out of a realization that reality is a life lived under stress comes “Words” by Basement Revolver. Their second single off their newest EP repeats the harsh moments we face under pressure and when we question the world.

Basement Revolver front woman Chrisy Hurn wrote this song when her daily college routine and studies became “mundane and incontrollable.” She figured out words are just words, materialism and paper certificates aren’t all what life is about. She finds there is more to life than working and studying for a living. The minute I heard Hurn’s vocals it threw me back to the retro rock vocals of Bow Wow Wow. Although “Words” lyrics are almost too repetitive, it works with Hurn’s style.

Basement Revolver keeps it real

The introspective rock Basement Revolver boasts, has inspiration from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Pixies. Bass/synth player Nimal Agalawatte and drummer Brandon Munro play an organic rock beat behind Hurn’s heavy guitar. The rest of their music matches the retro-type sound of “Words” in their slow rock vibe.

“Lake, Steel, Oil” is a very soft track off the album but reminds you to live life. The guitar tune is relaxing and guides you into Hurn’s voice instead of her voice leading the entire way. This song along with the rest of the songs off the album are very reflective of actions and to spend your time. At the end of the track the tempo and guitar picks to a head banging trance.  “Johnny,” is true love song talking about how things can get sticky when a bad relationship effects more than just two people.

I wouldn’t call this album depressing, but it follows an inward looking story of reflection and consciousness. Sometimes we don’t always want to come face to face with those terms but with Basement Revolver’s music, it makes realization and appreciation easier. Their self-titled EP is filled with introspective rock, a fresh way of bringing back the sound of retro rock with an individual style and lyrical songwriting.

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