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Jon Clarke

Music is many things to many people.  The art of creating music can also be many things to many people.  The most important thing is to make music that pleases your own ears.  An artist that remains true, without bowing down their morals to try and fit into a mainstream box will attract a devoted following.  This seems to be happening for our recent discovery Jon Ian Clarke.

Jon Clarke Makes Music From Deep Within His Mind

The man from Essex, also known as ‘The Genie’ wears many hats.   He is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, composer, promoter, publisher, and the founder of Sum – Mad Del Records.  Jon Clarke has been a part of the scene since the age of 13 and chooses to dedicate a large portion of his time to producing high-quality music.  He is a driven and charismatic performer with a focus on creating tuneful electro-pop melodies with hints of indie rock, echoing in the footsteps of artists as diverse as Richard Ashcroft, The Stone Roses, and New Order.  There are no boundaries as Jon Clarke does what he does for the love of the sound.  


The latest release by Jon Clarke is “Free Love (the genie remix)”.  The track begins with an almost aggressive industrial rock sound before switching into a psychedelic journey that bounces in and out of different styles to keep your ears and brain guessing what will come next.  The vocals tie it all together rolling forward no matter what vibe is being presented in the instrumentation at the time.  

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