Experience Beux Cheveux’s Ways of ‘Ro Sham Bo’

beaux cheveux

“Not AC/DC, not Led Zepplin”. No, Beaux Cheveux are their own devotion to music, their own homage to the late ’60s and early ’70s. Album Ro Sham Bo is a capture of electronic rock’s climate in its current state. Avant garde but heavily influenced, making for a unique experience.


Beaux Cheveux builds upon psychedelic vibes


The bass calmly bumps throughout the album, adding its unique, deserving punch onto every melody. “We’re Open Now” and “You Beautiful Flame” are calm, drowsy flickers of futuristic indie pop. While not being bedroom, the clarity of the production is golden. The dynamic vision that melts into the album’s first two tracks are simple and change drastically throughout the album.

Alternatively, third track “Rio Grande” is wavy and psychedelic. Truly feeling like an island getaway, as the name implied. The key focus isn’t on bass, but the layers of the vocals. They flow so lightly they almost sound like a key on a synthesizer. It’s certain, “Rio Grande” could likely be an ode to Sundance kids who prefer vibes to composition, soul to lyricism.


The standout quality of Ro Sham Bo


“Free Love” has an effect of a late-night disco affirmation. So many electric guitars and haze techniques are going on, it’s truly mystifying. Ro Sham Bo can trap listeners in a trance, and this tune is direct proof. While each song has a memorable riff to it, for me the most notable is “Holiday of Love” It’s cute, fun, and most reminiscent of a warm hug. The placement of the riff is interesting though, for the song itself has the same electric guitar effect earlier songs do. Blatant clashes of genres are appreciated here.


Ro Sham Bo is delicate in every way that it’s irreplaceable bad-ass. Some of the ballads remind me of an integral structure that isn’t bulletproof. “Sunset Marquee” for instance, has the intensity of a Heart song with some softness to it. The diversity alone to me deserves a listen.

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