Beta Camp Releases Striking Video for ‘Devil on my Shoulder’

Beta Camp

Beta Camp has just released an official music video for their track “Devil on my Shoulder”, a song originally released on their 2017 album, Violent Honey. The band, based out of Detroit, is comprised of four very talented musicians, and fans are already loving their stunning and captivating latest release.


The song opens with the strongly emphasized sound of a clock ticking, joined by shallow breathing that immediately gives the track an edgy and intriguing tone. Lyrics such as “The night comes out just to swallow the sun and if we lose ourselves honey I hope we die young” go perfectly with the sound they have created. These words really captivate the essence of change and moving into a much darker place in your mind.


The video flips back and forth between a much darker lighting indoors and an outdoor stage setting that uses coloring and a nature background to match the tempo of the sound that is unique to Beta Camp. Be sure to check out their web page to learn more about Beta Camp and stay up to date on their music and show dates.



In the first verse, some of the lyrics say I see your headlights, they’re coming closer. I left home with the devil on my shoulder…honey, all I remember is your knee high socks, your varsity sweater with the tear in the wrist, sewn back together to cover your tattoo you got in the summer just to spite me. These lyrics are of heartache, desire and what it feels like to reminisce on memories that are both good and bad.


Beta Camp does a very impressive job of making their music relatable to their listeners. Their ability to use real personal experiences and turn them into poetic works of art makes them really stand out as musicians and allows fans to get to know them on a deeper level. Their music and the video use different mediums to highlight the persona that is Beta Camp.

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