We are all very aware that the current state of the music industry is a disaster.  Even as the big corporations fall apart they are trying to hold on to the old record label model that just is not feasible anymore.  This has opened the door for small record labels to step inside the music world and actually stay on their own terms.  A good example is our recent discovery of Better Daze Records.

The company was founded by the writing team Paul Barrere and Roger Cole, with the idea that it would be nice to have a company where creation, imagination and quality could be the only guidelines that had to be followed.  Their writing style is unique and produces quality songs but reaching the major labels with it was a pipe dream.  They are both industry veterans and know the hard work that goes into getting music noticed but now they do it on their own terms which is more satisfying than anything.  The Better Daze motto is “Music for the sake of Music” which they live by and welcome in other artists that share in their ideals.

The latest release by Cole and Barrere is the aptly titled “Who’s Right”.  The soft vocal style and mellow melody bring back memories of a simpler time in music.  The mix is very welcoming and provides the feeling that the duo is playing the song only for you.  It stays very catchy as they show off their talent in both songwriting and instrumentation.  Enjoy the song for yourself here:

You can keep up with more from the duo and others with the same passion and ideals at: http://www.betterdazemusic.com

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  1. Shawn Barnett

    Great tune and i liked the way the lyrics were presented,
    very clever~

  2. just wanted to thank you for the kind words about roger and my work – now that i am in the later years of my career after spending 42 years on the road with little feat, i find what roger and i can do on our own so satisfying and making music without the pressure of business deadlines, costs etc. takes me back to when i started playing the guitar …. the joy is in the doing!!!
    all the best – happy holidaze to you sir
    paul barrere