Staying power is something that seems to be very hard in the music business.  There are a multitude of issues and causes for a band to disband so it makes it even more special when a group is able to push through struggles over a long career to keep putting out new music and performances.  A good example of this dedication is the band King Size.

King Size

This year the Austrian hard rock band celebrate their 25 year anniversary.  Over the years King Size has performed over 800 concerts around the world and had multiple successful albums with some charting hits.  A long career has seen its ups and downs and some lineup changes but the King Size ideal of putting out memorable rock music has never dampered.  Now they have hooked up with NRT Records to bring their classic style back to the forefront.

Many things seem to be in the works for King Size but the first is the re-release of the album Around And Around.  The 15 song record is a great introduction to their classic rock sound for anyone that has not experienced King Size yet.  The album opens with the progressive rock song “Around – The Beginning”.  The tone is set for the fact that you are about to experience something different.  “Winners And Losers” is that power filled track that brings back the classic sound filled with guitar solos and catchy harmony ridden choruses.  One of King Size’s chart topping hits “Machinery” leads the album with its arena fueled feel and true to form classic rock sound filling the soundscape with a full assortment of instruments.  Another track “Change Your Mind” hit the chart years ago as well.  This one is a fast paced somewhat progressive song that takes the listener on a wild ride of excitement.  The American influence is heard on “Welcome To LA” with its epic sound that has both high energy rock and emotional ballad-esqe vocals.  Don’t miss the second coming of classic King Size:


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