Beware Wolves Opens The Doors To Their Anthology

Beware Wolves

For many songwriters, there is a huge amount of music swirling in our heads. These song ideas need a release. Too often we overthink and nit pick our ideas to oblivion. Songs become lost in the outskirts of our minds. Our recent find Beware Wolves has a better solution. Write and record the songs as they come to you. Do not worry about anything except getting the music out of your head and into the world.

The Cape Cod based artist has built up a large library of songs with this technique. It has developed into a 9 volume anthology of music. According to Beware Wolves, “the majority of the tracks you hear are the first and only time these songs were captured. In many cases the songs were written the day of the recording.” There are no restrictions or worries of commercial success. Just pure and raw musical creation.

With a rogue email with some music to Safe Harbor Records in December 2021, things started really coming together. The label decided to release a self-titled debut album to draw listeners into the broader anthology of music. 

With tracks like “Blackout” we are welcomed into the Beware Wolves process. The raw songwriting quickly grabs your attention. A soulful and easy going vocal delivery puts emotion into each word. The acoustic guitar strumming adds the background layer to ease you in.

Enjoy The “Blackout” With Beware Wolves

Some talent with the guitar is shown on “July” as Beware Wolves lays down a country tinged sound. The echoed tone fills the speakers as an intriguing story is shared in the lyrics. This is easy to get sucked into as the artist paints the picture. This continues on “Rather Be Fishing” as the words come at you immediately. Some pretty harmonies build up the beauty as an elegant guitar line pushes the track along. Each piece complements the others to craft quite an epic acoustic song. 

The mastering of the tracks by the award-winning Don Bartley of Benchmark Mastering (Crowded House, Split Enz, Ray Davies, Silverchair) shows that a bunch of production tricks are not needed to create great songs. Songs like “Torrey Pine” and “US Mail” leave space in the mix for complete listening. The laid back mix and feeling puts us right there with Beware Wolves as if he was playing just to us by a cozy campfire under the stars.

A more electric approach is taken on “Water & Stone” as the full soundscape is filled with energy. Even with the mellow, yet deliberate, vocal delivery there is a force coming at you. A bassline groove will get you tapping along as the electric guitar fills the space. There is a lot going on in this track. A little different than most of the album but immediately demanding multiple listens to take it all in.

We recommend diving into more of what Beware Wolves has to offer on his WEBSITE and SPOTIFY

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  1. I absolutely love how Beware Wolves are giving indie bands a platform to showcase their talent through this anthology – it’s a wonderful way to support the music community!

  2. Sandy Hudson

    This is great!!! Can’t wait to get some wolf energy in the house! 😎🤙💫

  3. IndieGirl

    Absolutely amazing music! Great find … can’t stop listening. Love the listed songs, but diving deeper into the anthology, literary, every song is good.

  4. Bob paulding

    Totally awesome 10,000 thumbs up. 💛🎼👏

  5. Thank you, Kieth!
    All the best from Beware Wolves!
    This is our first review and it’s a damn good one!
    Viva Indie Band Guru!
    Viva Kieth Pro!