Bill Abernathy Is The “World’s Foremost Authority on Everything”

World's Foremost Authority on Everything

“Bill Abernathy is an interesting character, and a fun 
singer-songwriter. He’s a true blue banjo-totting country artist, but 
with a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. His latest single, “World’s 
Foremost Authority on Everything”, has been released, and we’ll be 
giving it closer look today in a review, so read on to see what we think 
about it.

Bill is the sort of artist who always puts the lyrical content of his 
songs first, and this is apparent with “World’s Foremost Authority On 
Everything”. If it wasn’t blatantly obvious from the title, the song is 
entirely about the know-it-alls you meet in your everyday life. The 
sorts that dish out thinly veiled sagely advice without the knowledge, 
wisdom or experience to actually know of the things they speak about.

Basically everyone has met at least one person like this, so it’s a 
surprisingly relatable. What’s more surprising is the humor of the song, 
acknowledging these types of people as annoying and giving them a real 
verbal throw down, while also not taking the concept or itself all too 
seriously. It’s not overtly mocking or trying hard to call these people 
out, but also doesn’t miss out on the opportunity to have some fun.

There’s a certain sense of catharsis that as Bill breaks down what’s 
happening in front of him at all times. He’s an excellent narrator in 
the song, with his singing voice going up and down according to exactly 
what he wants you to feel. It results in a song that’s fun to listen to, 
while also having a message that’s easy to digest.

Musically, the song is rather simple. You’ve got your standard bevy of 
guitars and drums, and of course  it’s not a Bill Abernathy tune without 
a banjo. The lyrics are the star of the show here, but the music is 
still pleasant and goes well with Bill’s performance. Production on the 
song is good too, with no one element overpowering any others.

“World’s Foremost Authority On Everything” is a sweet tune that carries 
with it a good message and clever writing. If you’re a fan of country 
music then this one’s a rolling good time, and doubly so if you also 
like good songwriting that’s trying to do a bit more than just sound 
good. Excellent stuff from Bill Abernathy!

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