Celebrate Loud Rock n Roll With Black Masses

Black Masses

Musical styles and genres will always come and go. One that will always last forever and have a huge following is straight up loud Rock ‘n Roll. The power and energy will always find its way to new listeners ready for the ride. Our new discovery Black Masses is here to continue that tradition with their own brand of Loud Rock.

The band got their start back in 2019 when guitarist/songwriter Samuel Mason started working with drummer Austin Sheese. Covid may have slowed down the world over the past 2 years but the boys just kept perfecting their sound and writing songs. Together as Black Masses they pour power and emotion into each track. The influence of 1 and 2 piece bands with big energy such as Des Rocs, Royal Blood, and The Black Keys can be heard easily. 

For their recently released 2nd album Black Masses the duo locked themselves in their home studio to craft their best and most introspective record yet. The 7-track album pulls no punches and puts the rock right in your face.

Opener “Hell Is Knocking” sets the tone quickly with pounding drums and strong guitar skills. This will be an energy-infused ride so prepare yourself. The vocals slowly crawl along drawing the listener in close, only to be smacked with a power chorus. The rock power continues on “On The Come Up” with darker sounds mixed in to paint the picture. Something about the vocal delivery that fits so perfectly even though the tempos are very different.

There is a punk feel to “Perfect” with its attack from start to finish. Sounds fill the speakers even with only 2 band members providing the instrumentation. Shifts in speed keep us attentive as Black Masses just pounds ahead, dragging us along with a sinister smile on our face. 

Official Music Video for ‘Black Masses’

The record closes with the title track “Black Masses” keeping the energy going. Right from the start the groove grabs the listener as it pounds away. The slowed down chorus lets us into the band’s world with some seemingly introspective lyrics. This is a world we want to be a part of. Energy, power, and love.

Keep up with more from Black Masses:

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Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/blackmasses

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/blackmassesmusic/
Twitter- https://mobile.twitter.com/black_masses_

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