Brandon Saxon Looks Up At The ‘Star Star Child’

Brandon Saxon

With the ability to record fully produced music in your bedroom with a computer nowadays there is much more freedom to record songs. This has enabled more real emotion to be shared in song. The nervousness to open up your soul to a random producer in a studio and feeling rushed to get it all to tape is gone. An artist can now take as much time as they need to put all their feelings onto tape without any pressure. This can be said for our latest find, Brandon Saxon.

The acoustic indie singer-songwriter is fascinated with what these new production tools allow him to do. Born in New Jersey and now based in Arizona, Brandon Saxon has a wide assortment of influence to pour into his music. Playing multiple instruments and gaining some top-notch production skills on his MacBook has set him up for some great exposure. 

The first single by Brandon Saxon is the strong debut “Star Star Child”. He tells us “the song tells a story of stargazing and love. It triggers a visual representation of your imagination when looking up to the skies. It’s when we have our most touching moments.

The emotion is felt immediately with the soft tone of his voice. Not quite the same, but Elliot Smith came to mind with the way that Brandon sings sweetly into the microphone. The elegant acoustic guitar adds another layer of raw emotion to the track. These guitar skills are highlighted with a sweet slide guitar solo late in the song. 

Big things are on the horizon for Brandon Saxon. Keep an eye and an ear out for him here:

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