Polo 500 Shakes It Up With “Lil Booty Big Booty”

Polo 500

Polo 500’s new banger, “Lil Booty Big Booty” has all of the hottest females twerking like crazy! This track slaps with its tight beats and deep throbbing bass.

“Lil Booty Big Booty” stole the show at this twerk contest in the night club, Rio Cantina. See for yourself:

Clearly, this song has booties of all shapes and sizes getting on stage and shaking what they’ve got. These females can’t help it when they hear the beats of Polo 500.

Polo 500 recorded this after his track went viral–twerk videos were being posted on the regular by women with “Lil Booty Big Booty” playing in the background. 

After listening to “Lil Booty Big Booty”, you can see (and hear) why the track is a total game changer. The fire beat and bass gets everyone going. Then, Polo’s lyrics encourage all women to hit the dancefloor and show what they’ve got. No discrimination here.

However, “Lil Booty Big Booty” is just one of Polo 500’s many tracks. Polo also writes deep music such as “Snakes,” “Curtain Call” and his most popular, “Boss Talk.”

When asked about his decision to pursue a music career, Polo revealed, “I was influenced by the lyricists, storytellers and the golden era of hip hop–from Nas, Pac, Big, OutKast, Dre, Snoop, etc. That inspired me to pick up a pen, and pursue my music career.”

This is just the beginning for Polo 500. He’s got the attitude of a true hustler and champion– “In 5 years I see myself being the CEO of my own company, a billboard charting artist and helping others express themselves through writing instead of the streets.”

Be on the lookout for Polo 500. He’s on the come up. Check his Instagram


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