Bush Tetras Brings Back Feminist Vibes with New Punk Album ‘Take the Fall’

bush tetras

New York City based punk band Bush Tetras has just released a new five song album called Take the Fall. The band has been playing music together since 1979 and this latest album has been a long awaited one.


The entirely female group is back at it again. They initially captured the hearts of their many fans from their first single “Too Many Creeps,” with lyrics like “I just don’t wanna go out on the streets no more / I just don’t wanna go out on the streets anymore / Because these people give me the creeps.”


These lyrics speak to the lack of safety many women feel while walking down the street or through town by themselves.


Bush Tetras Stay True to their Feminist Roots


The tracks have an electrifying punk rock sound that fuse harmoniously with the deep vocals. The tracks flow together seamlessly, stringing together raw ideas about life, liberation, and values, with a shockingly honest ability to challenge what they each mean.Originally known for their strong feminist vibes, Take the Fall continues to capture the empowering message that made them loved in the first place.

From “True Blue” to “Out Again,” Bush Tetras combines angsty guitar riffs with lyrics that boldly confront ideas about gender roles in society and the importance of defying expectations set out for you by others. Much like “Too Many Creeps,” their new tracks capture beautifully what it is like to be a woman in society today.


Catch Bush Tetras on Tour


Bush Tetras are currently on tour across the United States starting this month, with concert dates lined up through July:

04/14/18: Le Poisson Rouge with PILL and Palberta in NYC, New York

04/21/18: The Middle East in Boston, Massachusetts

04/22/18: Cafe Nine in New Haven, Connecticut

05/05/18: Gramps in Miami, Florida

05/12/18: The Elbo Room in Oakland, California

05/13/19: The Elbo Room in San Francisco, California

05/19/18: Rivoli in Toronto, Canada

07/17/18: PJ’s Lager House in Detroit, Michigan

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