Added Color are Bringing Brazilian Rock In ‘Mr. Industry’

Added Color

Added Color has brought their unique spin on alt rock to Brooklyn all the way from Brazil, and they’re about to release another heavy hitter. Their EP Mr. Industry is set to drop April 20.


They made their debut last year with their EP Psycho, and it was a notably strong first offering. Its title track was even praised as “the best rock track of the year,” featuring the best of their funk-influenced alt rock. The debut album’s reception is a big reason why Added Color is hitting the alt rock scene with so much success, fueled by many positive comments from the press.


After such a strong premiere, Added Color has set a high standard for themselves. In its five tracks bursting with energy and creativity, Mr. Industry exceeds those standards yet again.



Added Color Has an Important Message to Share


Added Color’s music is reliably energetic, with the band members’ high levels of expertise and talent. But besides the sound of the music itself, it also carries an important message: “be yourself no matter what, respect others for who they are, and don’t play into people’s expectations of who you should be.”


Driven by a passionately positive message, it only makes sense that Added Color’s music is so engaging.


Mr. Industry opens with “Panic Attack,” a song that makes the most of heavy guitar riffs and dramatic echo effects. It’s all about the vocals, while the following title track is a greater focus on instrumental interludes.


“Mr. Industry” is a longer song, finding its strength in its winding and developing instrumental section. It’s experimental and exciting in nature, and it would surely be fun to watch Added Color perform this one live.


The next song, “Just Because,” shows a third side of Added Color’s sound. It’s once again rooted in the lyrics, but this time it’s a lighter, more upbeat song, focused on a good groove. Moments are a bit wordy, but the vocals are strong and speak each word clearly, driving the musical story forward.


Added Color Inspired by their Moroccan Tour


After their first EP released, Added Color found themselves on an international tour, playing multiple shows in Morocco. They reflected on their experiences in the music video for the song “Same Place,” which they released as a single ahead of Mr. Industry.


The music video is a collage of clips from their tour in Morocco, from performances and sightseeing alike. The performance clips really highlight Added Color’s high energy, taking the song to a new level.


The EP ends with “Out of Control,” a song that, ironically, demonstrates the comfortable level of control and understanding that the band has over their sound. Featuring an extended guitar solo in the middle, this song represents the extent of their lyrical and instrumental talents alike.


Overall, Mr. Industry is a strong sophomore release for Added Color. Their perspective on alt rock is interesting, well-developed, and unique. Mr. Industry is out April 20, and it’s definitely worth a listen.


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