‘The Clown’s Got A Gun,’ Uranium Club’s Got a Hit

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So here’s the thing: Uranium Club’s new LP is a live album. Here’s another thing: while the album is definitely true-to-form Uranium Club post-punk, the genre slides could unmistakably be the spark of the album that’s incredible. Here’s the last thing: the first track from the LP, “That Clown’s Got a Gun,” is out now.


Different genres at play


Uranium Club-Live for the Very First Time (in Italy) is undeniably post punk, as aforementioned. There’s a gritty hard rock quality to it that’s unruly and unapologetic. In true punk form, the lyricism is cheeky and the musicianship is expert. Nothing about any of the tracks make you question their talent. For instance, two tracks are nearly all instrumental, “Pissy Chrissy” and “Operations Pt. 1&2,” just to remind audiences where the gem of the sound lies.


These tracks are great bridges and additions to the record, touching a point of raw realness. The rest of the 8 track album has this effect in an underlying fashion, but within these two songs, they’re amped up.


While being post, it’s easy to also point out how 1960s the songs are. To me, there’s blatant nods to the burgeoning sounds of psych rock. Drawn out solos, melodies, and hazy aspects that’s maybe just at the end of a track or hidden beneath the surface. The subtle additions make the product a stand-out homage to classic rock style. Plus, some songs can be 8-10 minutes long, a definite late ’60s approach to composition.


Uranium Club hitting their target

“That Clown’s Got A Gun” is a perfect example of every part of the album. Exploring the psych rock style and adding the craziness of punk. The single is wild, emphatic, and a gorgeous way to start off a live record. This first song re-defines the meaning. I forgot the record was live because the production quality is seamless. I was also reminded because of the high-voltage energy laced throughout. There’s something about the energy of live performances that a studio just can’t produce.


So lace up your boots, throw out your consciousness, and get ready to lose it to this first single while waiting for the record’s release April 13.

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