Cale Is Here To Make It A ‘Good Day’


The creative sound and colorful presentation of the song “Good Day” marks a new day for a rising performer whose first brush with widespread notoriety in 2013 introduced the global music community to a talent whose skill set and charisma transcends borders and sets the bar ever higher for what we assume Asian/Chinese pop artists are capable of achieving on the biggest possible stage. Rising Hip-hop star Cale has collaborated with upcoming collaborators as well, like Killazy.


The late 2017 release of his first EP Villain served notice of Cale’s readiness to take his talents further than before. “Good Day” capitalizes on that momentum and builds on it with an even more confident sound and approach than any previous Cale effort. The production is top notch and far removed from any suggestions of DIY efforts that might have otherwise marred the song’s potential reception. “Good Day” is going to win over countless new fans for Cale’s growing following and he has the talent to keep them coming back for more.


Cale is a global performer in every way whose music reflects universal values rather than those bound to a particular culture. His avowed influences of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kayne West, and Drake, among others, definitely comes through in both the music and vocals, but it’s particularly notable how the lean backing tracks cops a quasi-R&B feel with how it lays down a groove from the first and resolutely pursues it to its eventual end.


There are some modulations in the arrangement that come along over time, primarily centered on the chorus, but Cale fixes his attention on the groove from the first and never lets go. You might expect that it gets wearisome after four minutes, but Cale’s backing track never wears out its welcome and provides an ideal forum for his vocal.


Cale puts it all together for ‘Good Day’


It’s satisfying to hear his voice dance so lightly over the mix of pulsating electronic drumming, sparse bass, and a variety of synthesizer fills along the way. His voice becomes another instrument in the song’s arsenal of sounds – rolling, gliding through the verses, laying out a little with each iteration of the chorus. It’s a marvelous performance to take in. He sounds confident, as well, in the song’s lyrical material and has good reason to feel that way. The lyrics for “Good Day” reflect the single’s cover – blue skies, lush palms, and the promise of a beautiful day.


In that sense, despite the seasoned approach he takes, “Good Day” is an intensely youthful song. Never in a shallow way however. Instead, Cale sounds like a confident artist coming into his own a little more with this cut and it’s hard to imagine that his trend for getting better with each successive release will continue from this point forward. It’s rather thrilling to imagine what he could accomplish with a full-length release.


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     -review by Scottie Carlito

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