Check Out why Ace of Wands is ‘Grown from Good’

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“Grown from Good,” a new single from the spiritual dimension of indie band Ace of Wands, is a transcendental journey of self.


Different methods of self-discovery


The song is an entendre with a multitude of meaning. First, “Grown from Good” is a song packed with the search of transformation. Experimental indie is motivated with smooth electric guitars and washed over with shoegaze vocals. They’re wistfully passionate. Inspiration from nature and the true sense of self inspire the lyricism as the song explores personal metamorphosis.


Pairing with the nature of the song, the music video features one of the band members swimming in Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario while dragging 30 feet of hand sewn, recycled fabric. The effect is calming and chilling (coming not from the near freezing temperatures of both lakes). Matching the song of filtering a pursuit of self-discovery, the pair work together to deliver another message while pertaining to their own.

Staying sustainable with Ace of Wands


“Grown from Good” can also very clearly pertain to Ace of Wands’ individualistic approach to releasing their music. In efforts to be more sustainable, the band is rejecting traditional physical release norms.


Copies of the single have been released as a digital download, printed on paper embedded with wildflower seeds and accompanied by a glass jar of soil. The band encourages that, after downloading the song, to plant the card anywhere that inspires life, beauty, and growth. Every element of the release is environmentally compatible.


This idea is incredibly cool and uplifting. For a person always looking for a way to improve the world around them, this is music to their ears. Personally excited for a cross between protecting the environment and listening to calming music is thrilling. It’s refreshing to see a band like Ace of Wands have such a dedication to what’s important to their development as a unit. Real promise is shown here, and that’s admirable.

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