Writing songs is not an easy task.  People get together to attempt to share their skills to hopefully write songs that people want to hear.  Some bands are much more than a group of people that came together to write some songs to play in front of drunken crowds in small bars.  There are much larger forces at work in the music of our latest find CalatrilloZ.


The band hailing from London, England has a full back story and a mission with their music.  Their sound is and operatic blend of symphonic metal and progressive rock.  The amount of arena sized sound produced by the five-piece is quite impressive.  CalatrilloZ was created around an original story written by lead singer Zayhin of an endless journey of anti-heroes out to save the world from trapped demonic forces.  The dark image spreads beyond just their sound but also into the costumes, make-up, and visuals of CalatrilloZ.

Instead of the traditional full length album release, the band plans to release monthly singles to spread their story.  Indie Band Guru was able to get a listen to a few of the songs about to be released to the world.  Tracks such as “A Glimpse At A Fools Destiny” show the tremendous musicianship as well as the raw energy CalatrilloZ possesses.  On “The Long And Winding Road” the band slows it down a little and creates an eerie soundscape that will haunt as you listen to the storytelling lyrics.  The first true single about to be released is “Lords Of Misery”.  It opens with a marching beat and operatic vocals reminiscent of My Chemical Romance’s style.  There is an amount of power contained within that is hard to explain in writing.  This is music for the strong-willed looking for even more excitement.  The song will leave the listener breathless after the 5 and a half minute epic.  You are encouraged to experience CalatrilloZ for yourself at: http://www.calatrilloz.com

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