Caroline Ferrante Reaches For The Sky

Caroline Ferrante

There are far too many songs out there buried under cliches and the same old symbolism. An artist willing to take the challenge to avoid this somewhat easy way out will always inspire. Our recent find Caroline Ferrante does just that with her music that approaches the world in a much more real way.

The Americana singer-songwriter is truly the heart of the American experience. Caroline Ferrante grew up on the busy south side of Chicago and spent summers on the farms in Kansas. To complement this diverse upbringing, she went on to Northwestern University to study theater and voice. Now Caroline is based in Washington, D.C. to experience another side of America, and gain more inspiration.

Caroline Ferrante has now found her own style. It is based on Americana but sprinkled with R&B, Roots, Folk, and genuine happiness. She says “I write songs that take an unexpected angle: the untold story, the unsung hero. I challenge clichés, symbols, and assumptions by turning them on their head.” This is making her a fan favorite as listeners can truly relate to what she is singing about.

Caroline Ferrante Will Make Your Ears Smile

This past summer, Caroline Ferrante released her EP Sky. The 4 song record puts all her talent out there for us to enjoy.



If the opener “Feels Like A Holiday” doesn’t put a smile on your face immediately you better check your pulse. The rootsy acoustic guitar (possibly ukulele) and whimsical whistling track give it an air of positivity immediately. Once the beautiful voice of Ferrante hits the package is complete. The fun continues on “Great Big Beautiful World” with a bouncy vocal style leading the charge.

We get a little darker on the blues influenced “Better Angels”. The beat creeps along with splashes of anthemic instrumentation lifting the track to higher levels. The vocals bring to mind the classic female voices of Janis Joplin and Mama Cass.

The closer “Symphony” is an epic song. The pretty piano meshes with the big voice to create something truly inspiring. There is a positivity that just oozes out of this whole EP. Enjoy it on her BANDCAMP and find more news on Caroline Ferrante’s WEBSITE.



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