Caroline Romano Shares Her “Panic Attack”

If you know Caroline Romano, The Nashville-based alt-pop trailblazer, you know her for being the loud introvert that gives us fiery punk rock anthems. She brings that passion and heart that provides levity to today’s anxious generation. Caroline changes things up with her new single, creating not just a song but an experience. 

Caroline’s, new single “Panic Attack” is a beautifully sung, emotional song that is a retelling of one of her worst panic attack experiences. A soothing violin and guitar in the background, combined with angelic vocals by Caroline serve as a source of warmth and comfort for others going through debilitating anxiety. The song is a self-reflection of what it’s like turning 20, having to grow up in such an uncertain world. It’s that age where expectations get piled on to become more of an adult. As Caroline grows, so does her music. 

Listen to “Panic Attack” below

With this release Caroline says “I wrote “Panic Attack’ in a parked car after one of the worst panic attacks I’ve ever experienced. I had just gotten off the phone with my mom, frantic because I didn’t know what to do or how to help myself. The only thing I knew to do was to write it all down. It’s still not something I can fully put into words, but writing this song helped pull me out of my own head. I’m an incredibly anxious person and I’ve struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember.”

This song is a reminder to today’s youth, despite the uncertainty of today’s world, everything is going to be okay. Songs like this bring you back to earth when it feels like everything is crashing down on you. This change in style is fresh and leaves you wondering what she can’t do. She really let her vulnerable side show in this song, and I can’t wait to hear what she does next. Carlone will be releasing a full-length LP Oddities and Prodigies on February 25th, and if Panic attack is just a taste of the new styles she is trying and the passion she is putting in, then this album is something to mark your calendars for.

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