“Fly Into The Fire” With Dick Aven

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Dick Aven has been creating music since he was a child. That deep passion has resulted in a vast array of talents that make him an incredibly well-versed and well-rounded musician. His latest endeavor is his album, Spin So Long which was released at the end of 2021. Recently, Aven released an enticing video for “Fly Into The Fire” off of that album.

The video opens with a scene in a field with a woman who is spinning fire. So now they have your attention and the song can do the speaking from here. Immediately you notice the groovy, easy-going tone that this track has. Dick’s vocals almost feel as if another instrument blending into the soundscape.

Watch the video for “Fly Into The Fire” below

Even the most untrained listener could recognize that there is a lot of layers that make up the beautiful song that you hear. Aven has masterfully made each instrument shine to the best of its ability while simultaneously being able to blend in seamlessly with one another.

If “Fly Into The Fire” is a true indicator of what listeners can expect from Spin So Long than I sincerely recommend you checking out the full album.

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