‘Spin So Long ‘ With The Dick Aven Band

Dick Aven

The past couple years have required many musicians to expand their talents. With restrictions in place of having more than one person in a room together, artists hoping to record had to get creative. Learning more instruments became a necessity if you planned on recording a full sounding record. Our friend Dick Aven found a solution by creating multiple versions of himself to play each instrument on his new album Spin So Long

Hailing from Tennessee, the Singer-Songwriter, Saxophonist, Multi instrumentalist, and producer has had a deep love for music for quite a long time. This allowed Dick Aven to become very proficient with a wide variety of instruments. In essence, he created The Dick Aven Band of some of the best musicians he knows, himself. Now with time on his (their) hands he was able to put together his new full length album Spin So Long.

The 11 track record is full of real feeling that exudes from the speakers. The opener “Stirred Up” sets the tone with a smooth and sultry sound that brings in elements of yacht rock but for the modern time. Ease yourself in for a beautiful day, as Dick Aven tells you ‘it is gonna come.’We previously covered the strong lead single “Fly Into The Fire” HERE.

The title track “Spin So Long” seems to offer a darker tone. The vocal delivery has a little bit of angst in it. But the smooth saxophone keeps you right in the relaxed space that the songwriter aimed to put you in. A variety of sounds will keep your senses on alert for where Dick Aven plans to take you next.

The saxophone takes the lead on “Bad Dogs and Weed.” There is true talent on the instrument shown here. An intriguing, repeated melody keeps the track moving as the lyrics take us up and down to paint an interesting picture. There is a funkier feel to “Aging In Place” as Dick Aven adds in some real emotion and a strong bassline. There is no box for the artist to stay in except to keep it smooth.

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