‘It All Started In The Garden’ With Dick Aven

Dick Aven has mastered the art of defying the rules and traditions in music. The eclectic musician from Franklin, TN is known for carving his own path. He uses his vast knowledge of music and the multiple instruments he plays to create something wholly unique to him. Not bound by genres or styles, Dick continues to impress fans with what he is able to produce. His latest album, It All Started In The Garden is no exception to that.

There’s a ton of charm and charisma within the ten tracks that make up It All Started In The Garden. Each song holds it’s own space and sound within the album, yet as a whole the album is fluid and cohesive. Reminiscent of a summer’s evening, It All Started In The Garden wraps you into it’s warm embrace and tickles you with a cool breeze. It is fresh and unique and sure to please the general listener.

“This Is How I Am” opens the album and sets the tone for what to expect. Delicate and croony, it showcases Dick’s ability to let the emotions behind the song shine through in his sound. The next track, “No Clue” is a favorite of mine. It’s got some easy-listening, indie-rock, country elements that create something really special. Fans of Elliott Smith will really gravitate towards this track especially.

Watch the video for “No Clue” below

As you continue through the album you’ll find that no two tracks are alike. Tracks like “Island Of My Own” are full of soul and jazz elements, while “It All Started In The Garden” has some Latin twang to it. The album as a whole takes you through a wide range of genres and stories to keep you engaged and interested as every second plays through.

As you listen through It All Started In The Garden it’s apparent that Dick Aven is nothing short of talented. His ability to tell a story through song is uncanny. Lover’s of indie, folk, and rock alike will find solace within Dick’s music. Be sure to stay tuned to his journey.

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