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‘Spin So Long ‘ With The Dick Aven Band

The past couple years have required many musicians to expand their talents. With restrictions in place of having more than one person in a room together, artists hoping to record had to get creative. Learning more instruments became a necessity if you planned on recording a full sounding record. Our friend Dick Aven found a

“Fly Into The Fire” With Dick Aven

Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Dick Aven has been creating music since he was a child. That deep passion has resulted in a vast array of talents that make him an incredibly well-versed and well-rounded musician. His latest endeavor is his album, Spin So Long which was released at the end of 2021. Recently, Aven released an

‘It All Started In The Garden’ With Dick Aven

Dick Aven has mastered the art of defying the rules and traditions in music. The eclectic musician from Franklin, TN is known for carving his own path. He uses his vast knowledge of music and the multiple instruments he plays to create something wholly unique to him. Not bound by genres or styles, Dick continues