Carrier Shows Us “When New York Is Drowning”


Debut album When New York Is Drowning by Brooklyn band Carrier is filled to the brim with all the angst and emotion of one’s 20’s. Something of a soundtrack for suburban youth, Carrier keeps the spirit of pop-punk and 90s alternative alive on this album. When New York Is Drowning is an expression of the adolescence of the past decade, this record tells a story of modern anxieties with a cathartic energy.

The band Carrier is a four piece that brings a lot to the table. Adam Downer supplies the vocals, full of the emotion and discontent that make their sound what it is. Bart Mol, a jazz guitarist who brings some interesting texture to their sound as a band. On bass is Skye Matlock with a love for classic rock that roots their vibe in tradition. Greg Russo on drums, creates a pounding rhythm that drives the album forward.

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The first track on Carrier’s debut album “Bitter Child” builds a wall of sound with the woes of adolescence. Warm and crunchy guitar tones coalesce with wailing vocals, tied together with upbeat drums. This song epitomizes the out of place feeling in emo and punk music. The song “Someone Who Loves Me” starts off with a drum intro that shows off their classic rock influence. The track builds up with heavy midrange guitars and an anthemic chorus, ending off with some otherworldly synths in the latter half of the song.

“You Underwater” feels like an indie pop-punk track with a cynical and almost satirical side. This track explores a relationship falling apart and the nature of writing music in the aftermath. The title track “When New York Is Drowning” has a post-punk sound, the guitar tone and filter on the vocals is reminiscent of The Strokes. Phaser on the guitar filters throughout the track giving the sound a texture that is constantly changing. The emotional energy builds up to an explosion near the end of the track that winds down to a satisfying ending.

This debut album is a strong start for Carrier, In addition to a revitalized take on the pop/post-punk sound, the songwriting tells a story throughout the course of the album that deals with relatable and modern issues. The band has found a sound that they excel at, all of the members meshing together to make a cohesive project with purpose.

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