Charlotte Day Wilson’s Latest Release Is A Soulful Surprise

Charlotte Day Wilson

Few artists can truly hypnotize their listeners within just a few notes. Artist Charlotte Day Wilson could do it in her sleep. A Toronto-based producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, there’s no denying Charlotte Day Wilson is an artist to reckoned with. Her latest release, the highly anticipated CDW EP, sets up her future as a household name.

Charlotte Day Wilson’s voice coupled with her producing talents gives her a lot to work with. Wilson’s got the range and as a trained vocalist she knows how to use it.

Charlotte Day Wilson Creates Soulful Spaces

CDW’s single “Work” is only a small example of this amazing vocal talent Wilson possesses. It’s honestly unbelievable and such a transition from her almost heavenly intro “On Your Own.”  


In “Work,” Wilson shows how perfectly soul her voice can be. Her voice easily hypnotizes with smooth, honest lyrics like,“People come and go / But I think you should know / That I think this will work” in between well-placed harmonies. This combined with the organ-like beats in the background transcend us listeners to somewhere almost spiritual. It’s absolutely phenomenal and shows how brilliant her sound is.

In fact, her voice possesses this type of tonal uniqueness that you can’t just compare to another female artist. Really it would feel like not giving Wilson her due justice. She sings from such a raw and powerful place while still maintaining a voice that sounds like absolute silk.

Another thing is just how honest it all sounds. Wilson’s voice already comes across as this raw, pure thing, and that coupled with lyrics like “I’m asking what you just can’t say / babe I thought that you had my back” creates an amazingly soulful album. CDW is transparent, for lack of a better word. It creates something you can feel in your chest.

On top of that, Wilson performed and produced it all by herself, which makes her even more impressive. Charlotte Day Wilson has made it her personal goal to “break new ground as a female producer and inspire young female artists to take ownership of their art and inspire others in turn,” and that puts her up so much higher on my list. Seriously, she couldn’t get any cooler.

It’s no secret that Charlotte Day Wilson is working with something special. She bares it all to us and at the same time transcends us into this soulful space. Wilson creates something new and almost ethereal with CDW. It’s the ultimate showcase for her talents, and only makes me more excited to hear what she has in store for us next.

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